Doctor and Engineer
Armando Antonio Rivas Valencia.



San Salvador, EL SALVADOR

Office Telephone: +503 25340649



Professional profile

Dr. Valencia graduated from the "Charter School of Medical Sciences of Central America" ​​in Costa Rica. He graduated as a surgeon at the Central Military Hospital of El Salvador, where he was awarded a scholarship for a postgraduate degree in Surgical Oncology at the "21st Century National Medical Center" in Mexico City. He also graduated in Computer Engineering at the University Albert Einstein because he believes that information technologies are vital for the development of oncology. He represented the "XXI Century National Medical Center" of the Mexican Social Security Institute at the First International Congress of Oncology held San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico in August 1996. he presented his research on "Epithelial Ovarian Cancer." View document

Positions held:

  • Staff surgeon at the Central Military Hospital of El Salvador.
  • Head resident in the Department of Surgery.
  • Staff Surgeon at the Social Security “Médico Quirúrgico” Hospital in San Salvador.
  • Staff Surgeon at Lamatepec Hospital in San Salvador.

Formal Education:

  • Electronic data processing and BASIC language. National School of Electronic Computing Costa Rica. 1984. See title
  • Medicine. Charter School of Medical Sciences of Central America. Costa Rica. 1985. See Title
  • Medicine. National University of El Salvador. 1989. See title
  • Surgery. Central Military Hospital of El Salvador. 1994. See title
  • Surgical Oncologist. Mexican Social Security Institute, National Medical Center XXI Century, Mexico City. 1997. See title
  • Laparoscopic surgery. International School of Gynecological Endoscopy. Diagnostic Hospital. 2014. See title
  • Computer Engineer, Albert Einstein University, El Salvador. 2015. See title
  • Superior Education Teaching Skills USAID Post Degree. San Salvador, El Salvador. September 2017 View document


  • Supervisory Board of the medical profession. View document
  • Society for Surgery of El Salvador. View document
  • Cancer Society of El Salvador.
  • Salvadoran Association of Engineers and Architects. View document
  • Salvadoran Association of Computer Professionals. View document


Experience: 30+ years

  • Central Military Hospital of El Salvador. Staff Surgeon. Period: August 1989 - March 2007. Phone: 2250-0080. Functions and achievements: Surgery and Oncology.
  • ARMECASAN Clinics. Medical Director. Period: March 1997 - May 2006. Phone: 2298-0499. Functions and achievements: Medical Director of Ambulatory Surgery Center.
  • Lamatepec ISSS hospital. Surgeon. Period: January 2005 - May 2006. Phone: 2297-9700. Functions and achievements: Surgeon. Emergency Unit.
  • “Medico Quirurgico” Hospital. Surgeon. Period: January 2002 - November 2004. Phone: 2261-9500. Functions and achievements: Surgeon. Emergency Unit.


Web sites created and managed.

Software design.

Registered Research Projects. National Registration Center. See projects


  • Native Language: SPANISH
  • Language 1: English 100%
  • Language 2: ITALIAN 70%
  • Language 3: PORTUGUESE 70%
  • Currently learning French

Academic Activities

  • Fifteenth National Congress of Engineering. Cerebral magnetic stimulation. San Salvador, El Salvador. October 2012 View document
  • Woodward Elementary School. Coffee and conversation. MEDICAL TALK. Atlanta, Georgia. May 2007. View document
  • Alberto Masferrer University. Professor of Surgery and Oncology. February 2007 View classes
  • Albert Einstein University. Professor of Computer Engineering. August 2016 View classes
  • LXXI Chilean Congress and International Surgery. Incidence of Helicobacter pylori in EL SALVADOR. November 1998. See document
  • EPITHELIAL OVARIAN CANCER. Mexican Social Security Institute. October 1996. View document
  • Central Military Hospital of El Salvador. Head of surgical residents. December 1992. See document
  • IV Medical Congress of El Salvador. Presentation of comparative study of SUBCLAVIAN CATHETERIZATION AND JUGULAR CATHETERIZATION. May 1992.View document
  • Design and implementation of a Platform for online courses. Albert Einstein University. August 2015. See document


  • High spirit of service. Central Military Hospital of El Salvador. October 1992.View document
  • Congratulations on your outstanding work as a doctor, signed by the Minister of Defense of El Salvador. Ministry of National Defense. October 1996. View document
  • Certificate of Appreciation. Woodward Elementary School. Atlanta. Georgia. May 2007. View document
  • "Best Graduate" Computer Engineering Career. Salvadoran Association of Engineers and Architects. July 2014. See title
  • "Outstanding Performance". Salvadoran Association of Computer Professionals. October 2014. See title
  • "Recognition of the Faculty of Engineering for his Excellent Graduate Work." Albert Einstein University. August 2015 View Document
  • "Recognition of Academic Excellence." Albert Einstein University. August 2015 View Document